Thursday, July 1, 2021





The Natural Farming Project of World Vision Lanka is seeking Expressions of Interest (EOIs) from qualified individuals/ organizations to collaborate with World Vision Lanka in running their market outlet. The candidate should collaboratively work with the Natural Farming Project for the upcoming four months, and the extension of the period will be decided later

The deadline to submit the EOI is 14th July 2021


Introduction to the organization and the project

World Vision Lanka (Guarantee) Limited, is a non-profit, relief and development organization, duly registered under the Companies Act No. 07 of 2007, bearing registration No: GA 16 and has its registered office at No.619/8, Dr. Danister De Silva Mawatha, Colombo 09, Sri Lanka.

Natural Farming Project implemented by World Vision Lanka (WVL) is funded by Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA). Having started the said project in 2013, WVL has successfully completed Phase 1 and 2 of the project, and cracked open the third phase in 2019 with an ultimate purpose of Commercialization of Natural Farming and strengthening market linkages for improved livelihood status and economic empowerment of producers including vulnerable persons in the district of Batticaloa.

This project currently covers a total of 700 farmers from Vaharai, Koralaipattu, Kiran and Eravurpattu, in the district of Batticaloa.

About the Market Outlet

Located in the heart of Batticaloa town, at Lady Manning drive along the lagoon side, our market outlet is a container, transformed into a structure to meet all the high-end requirements of a vegetable outlet. It has refrigerators with ample capacity, installed with highly protective sliding shutters, has a safe storage room right adjourning to it, equipped with eco-friendly crates and marketing displays. It also has access to water supply and electricity supply, that were connected meeting a proper process. It also abides by the parking system and waste management system, expected by the Municipality of Batticaloa.

We have 700 farmers who farm throughout the year, strictly following the Natural Farming concept. We have types of vegetables, based on the coastal tropical season.

The Natural Farming Project products have a hiking demand due to its original quality in color, taste, smell, nutritional contents, fair price and hygienic packaging and delivering. This helps in improving the business while maintaining contended customers on one hand and farmers improving their standard of living on the other hand.


Minimum requirements a candidate should meet:

Ø  The individual/ organization’s business should be functioning with in any of the project locations listed above or at least within the commercial town of Batticaloa.

Ø  The individual/ organization / society should possess hands of experience in the organic/ natural farming and/or agricultural knowledge and related marketing sectoral understanding.

Ø  The candidate should be permanently residing in the district of Batticaloa.

Ø  The candidate representing organization should possess proper registration and other legalities.

Responsibilities of the candidate

Ø  Upon selection, a detailed business plan and financial plan should be prepared in consultation with Natural Farming Project team.

Ø  Should be capable of paying the land utilization amount to the Municipal Council, Batticaloa, and other utility bills including water and electricity usage.

Ø  Should bound to get the vegetable supply only from the farmers registered under the Natural Farming Project. If the candidate at any circumstance receives the supply from a farmer or a middle-man who does not work with Natural Farming Project, would be considered breach of contract and end up in the termination of the same with no claimable compensation.

Ø  A minimum amount of SLR 30000.00 per month deposit to World Vision Lanka charity to utilize the same for the betterment and capacity development of the farmers

What should your Expression of Interest include?

Ø  Information about the Applicant

Ø  Official registration of the Applicant evidencing the statute under which it operates (e.g. non-governmental organization, foundation, Society)

Ø  Links to the business website and/or social media links and/or any publications.

Ø  A description of the past experience on farming and marketing.

Ø  Should be in English or Tamil and the duly completed EoI should be signed.

Ø  Indicate the amount which can be  deposited monthly to WVL’s charity for utilizing the betterment and capacity development of the farmers

If you find yourself meet all the requirements and interested to join us in this marketing venture

Ø  Please e-mail your Expression of Interest along with a copy of your NIC and business registration certificate to reach on or before 14th July, 2021

Ø  You can reach us at 077 239 4240 for more technical information.

Ø  We encourage you to e-mail and telephone call us, rather visiting the office, during this pandemic.